Tastable Reservation Special Saves Diners up to 60%


Much like airlines and hotels, restaurants have low volume periods of business every week. Filling these seats can be quite beneficial to our patrons! “Tastable” is a program designed to make available these great deals and discounts to our customers. Times offered are during non-peak hours, yet the same great food and service is always to be expected. Call the Avenues “Tastable” hotline at 816-333-5700 to ask for this week’s specials and availability for future dates.



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Avenues Gets A Remodel

Avenues Bistro New Dining Room

This Spring, Avenues Bistro embarked on a dining room remodel. Thank you for the patience of all of our patrons as we went through the process. We are excited to unveil our new dining room just in time for summer!

Be sure to savor Summer with our new menus for the season:






Avenues Bistro Shrimp


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The $2,000 Wine Tasting!

The Two Thousand Dollar Wine Tasting

Dear Avenues Wine Drinking Peeps,2000 Lafleur

We are giving away a $2000 bottle of wine – For real! On Sunday June 9th, a wine tasting of epic proportions will be held from 2 to 4 p.m. A myriad of handpicked premium selections by Wine Director Timothy O’Neal will be opened for you to taste, evaluate, enjoy and consider obtaining at retail pricing – or lower! It’s like being able to walk into a wine shop and taste twenty plus top rate wines before deciding what to buy. And if that’s not enough, a wicked spread of cuisine will be placed in the center of the restaurant for pleasurable grazing.


The $49 advance entrance fee ($59 at the door) covers the wine, cuisine and enters you into the giveaway to be held at precisely 4:30.
(note: You must be present to claim the winning bottle – Only people in attendance are able to win –All Avenues employees, local wine distributors and their families are NOT eligible.) 


*This is a limited (100 person) engagement – Secure your spot by calling Avenues and purchasing your ticket today at 816-333-5700


***Consider the math: Bring nine friends and your group has a one in ten shot at taking home (or straight to auction) this killer bottle of juice.


The most recent perfect 100 point review by Robert Parker:

Jun 2010 Robert Parker 100
Drink: 2020 – 2060 $1300-$3747
An utterly awesome wine, the only problem with the 2000 Lafleur is that I indicated its maturity window would be 2012-2040+. Based on two tastings of it, I would now argue 2020-2060+. Yes, it is that backward, but it has extraordinary potential. Dense ruby/purple to the rim, this fabulously concentrated wine has a sweet nose of kirsch liqueur intermixed with licorice and subtle floral notes as well as a hint of truffle in the background. It is stacked and packed on the attack, with a multi-dimensional mid-palate of unbelievable intensity of concentration and richness, yet at the same time all this power is allied to striking elegance, purity, and depth. This is great Bordeaux, a profound Lafleur, and in about ten years, much of its magic should begin to be unleashed. If you can find it, it is an extraordinary wine, and as expensive as it was a decade ago, it will look cheap compared to prices for more recent vintages.

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The Arrogate Sommelier

Avenues Bistro presents the latest wine dinner concept:
The Arrogate Sommelier
An Iron Sommelier Derivative
Held Monday April Fool’s at 6:30 p.m.

Iron sommelier

Two chefs, two Sommeliers and one incredible dining experience is coming April 1st, 2013. This twist on the very successful Iron Sommelier series sees even more competition. Here, two teams (one chef and one Sommelier) will bring their best cuisine and best wine pairing. Here’s the matchup:

Wine Director Timothy O’Neal & Executive Chef Mario Galan
Sommelier Matthew Lees and Avenues owner Joe Birch

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Chef’s Table at Avenues Bistro


Prepare for the coolest dining experience ever! – The exclusive Sommelier & Chef’s table at Avenues Bistro. Pricing starts at a mere $75 per person which includes wine. Here’s the skinny:


The Chefs table is a ‘take the menu away’ wine dining affair. Chef’s Joe Birch and Mario Galan will give their undivided attention to the singular table of the evening putting out multiple courses until the guests’ call it quits.


Along the culinary journey, wine matches will be made by Wine Director Timothy O’Neal. Awarded Sommelier of the year by KC Magazine means you have the best at the helm of your pairings. And O’Neal will provide a good amount of wine education along the way too. There are three pricing levels (per person) for your consideration:


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Wine Club Starts Out With a Bang!


The national wine trade magazine Sommelier Journal announced the wine of the year for 2012. And this time, you can get your hands on it. Your very own Avenues Wine Director Timothy O’Neal actually recommended this as a ‘Hot Pick’ in a prior Sommelier Journal issue earlier in 2012. Here’s his review:

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Offing the Dream Machine

By Timothy O’Neal

Offing the dream machine

Drawing by Lemya Aldouri

Years in the restaurant industry have spawned quite a few related dreams – literally. Typical is the dream that sees me scurrying around a dining room floor totally unable to keep up. It happens all the time, reminding me that a sense of urgency – a necessary trait for all good restaurant employees – is still with me. Thankfully, I always seem to wake up before those irritated guests transition the anxiety dream into a full fledged nightmare. Last night’s dream, though it didn’t actually take place in a restaurant, is one for the intensity books.

Knowing that foot traffic wakes me up from incessant pacing from the apartment above, a friend gave me one of those anti-noise machines. You know, the type that softly puts out nature noises like sounds from a stream or crickets chirping in the forest. Getting ready for bed, I decide to listen to the ocean waves. Lying there, I’m shaking my head in disbelief that I, or anyone else, would actually fall asleep to this.

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