Mission to Joplin

Chef Mario Galan

Chef Mario Galan

When the deadly tornado hit Joplin in May, Avenues Bistro Chef Mario Galan said, “I want to help those in Joplin!”

Mario’s selfless passion to help was contagious, so we decided to tackle this disaster with an unique aid plan. The Monday after the tornado, the Avenues Bistro team of chefs prepared a trucks’ worth of cuisine that Mario hand-delivered himself to Joplin.This unique “from our hands to their mouths” approach allowed us to have a direct, positive impact on the people affected there.

Mario said,“We are a restaurant and known for great food.  We also know that relief workers need something with more sustenance than canned anything.  So, we are going to deliver a quality meal for aid workers assisting with the effort.”

If that is not enough, Mario performed this act of kindness on his day off. Mario said, “It just feels right.” All in all, Mario and his team delivered 1,000 meals to the people who needed it most.

It warms our hearts and makes us proud to have Mario on the Avenues Bistro team. However, our chefs were not the only ones who stepped up to this calling. You, our generous patrons, also donated the weekend before to aid in food costs. Just after the tornado, we collected donations at the end of customers’ meals for this Joplin effort. The response was overwhelming and we thank you for all your help. The people of Joplin, whose home was ravaged by the tornado, thank you too.

Together, we raised $1,500. Avenues Bistro matched the totality of these donations, raising an amazing amount of $3,000 in all. Thank you for your patronage and your help in our Joplin endeavor.  We are sincerely grateful to have you at our table.


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