Chef Challenge

At the July 18 Iron Sommelier, Avenues Bistro unveiled its new exciting dinner series: the Chef Challenge. This dinner will premiere August 15 at Avenues Brookside. It will be a chef against chef challenge where each chef will create a three course meal, where the audience will vote on their favorites.  This dinner series was embraced with such enthusiasm that it completely sold out on July 18, when it was announced. But do not fear, this dinner is sure to be such a hit that it will become a tradition, like the Iron Sommelier. Joe Birch, the owner of Avenues Bistro said that he was especially looking forward to this event because, though he loves the Iron Sommelier, he is excited to have food be the main focus. Three courses for each chef. Two divine meals. One amazing evening. For this first Chef Challenge, Joe Birch decided to take on his talented kitchen. Below, we have sized up the competition of  the August 15 Chef Challenge…



Joe Birch (Chef/Owner – Avenues Bistro)

  • Classical Trained French Chef
  • Voted “Top 25 New Chefs in America in 2007”
  • Apprenticeship at 5 Star La Soupiere French Restaurant in Boca Raton, Florida
  • Executive Chef, Ritz Carlton Kansas City
  • Over 15 Culinary missions to Europe
  • Has opened 5 restaurant concepts in Kansas City area


1) Mario Galan (Avenues Bistro Corporate Chef)

  • 5 years as Executive Chef of both Avenues Bistro’s location
  • 3 Years as Sous Chef at Buca di Beppo Restaurants
  • Worked with Joe for 8 years at two different restaurants

2) Ernesto Maldonado  (Executive Chef Avenues Bistro- Leawood)

  • 1 year as Executive Chef -Brookside
  • 4 years Executive Sous Chef- Brookside
  • Worked with Joe for 10 years 3 different restaurants

3) Devin Wilson (Executive Sous Chef Avenues Bistro- Leawood)

  • 1 year with Avenues
  • Grew up working in Indiana working in family owned restaurant
  • Executive Chef at age of 20 at Irish restaurant
  • Studied at Culinary Arts Institute in Ft Lauderdale

4) Myron Powell (Sous Chef – Avenues Leawood)

  • 1 Year with Avenues
  • JCCC Culinary Graduate
  • Apprenticeship at Downtown Marriott
  • Work with renowned Chef Ghunny Rhohadja

Good luck beating this Dream Team


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