Joe Birch Takes On The World

On the evening of August 15th, Avenues Bistro held an exciting, ground-breaking event: The Chef Challenge. The first event of this new monthly dinner series was held in great anticipation, as Joe Birch, owner of Avenues Bistro, battled head to head with his own team of Avenues Chefs. Each chef prepared a three course meal with appetizer, entree and dessert. After each dish, patrons rated the dish on a scale from 1 to 10, based on Taste, Creativity and Presentation.  Tim O’Neal, Avenues Bistro Wine Director and host of the evening, introduced the dream team of Chefs: Mario Galan, Ernesto Maldonado, Devin Wilson and Myron Powell…and then the ultimate contender: Joe Birch.

To add another layer to the event, each table was waited on by their own Avenues Sommelier. The Sommeliers had pre-tasted the courses, and thus, were able to give their recommendations for each course. With great pride, O’Neal said that this personal Sommelier set up has been, “5 years in the making.”

The guests of the evening were enthusiastic and passionate about the event as well:

“I didn’t know Monday night could be this right!” said one of the patrons, Tim Hayes.

“I’m delighted,” said Gary Roberts, another member of Hayes’s table. “Incredible champagne, wine and dessert.”

All in all, the evening was a whirlwind of gourmet courses and competition.  O’Neal said that this was, “One of the best menus I have ever seen this kitchen put out.”

Below, we have the Chef Challenge breakdown by course:

ROUND ONE: Sushi 3-Way VS Heirloom Tomatoes

WINNER: Sushi 3-Way, Joe Birch

Sushi 3 Way: King Crab Crispy Rice, Ahi Tuna Poke-Avocado, Duck Egg Cured Salmon, Green Tomato Caviar

ROUND TWO: Grilled Strip Loin VS Duck a l’Orange

WINNER: Grilled Strip Loin, Joe Birch

Grilled Strip Loin: Tomato Sage Crust, Smoked Potato Mousseline, Foi Gras Suffed Mushrooms

ROUND THREE: Swiss Chocolate Torte VS Chocolate Genoise

WINNER: Chocolate Genoise, Avenues Chef Team

Chocolate Genoise: Frangelico Bavarian and Huckleberry Cream

Joe Birch won 2 of the 3 courses, making Joe Birch the winner of the first ever Chef Challenge! However the plot of the evening thickened even more with a special announcement about next month’s Chef Challenge. Apparently, after some talk in the kitchen, Louis from Avenues Bistro Leawood will be competing against Joe Birch on Birch’s home turf: French cuisine in…

September 12th Chef Challenge:


Avenues Bistro Owner Joe Birch VS Devin Wilson of Avenues Leawood

Want to get YOUR seats for this exclusive event? Join the Ave-news email list to get the inside scoop on how to get reservations to this premiere evening!


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