KC Magazine: City’s Best

Every year, Kansas City Magazine honors the city’s most praise-worthy people, places and things with their “City’s Best” list. This list is based on online votes from the public and shows what the locals are loving right now.  The KC Magazine City’s Best list was released in this September’s issue. With 240, 896 votes cast, this list truly reflects what Kansas Citians love.

The list truly does cover a wide array of categories, diving deep into the best of the best in the city. The topics that the public voted on varied from Best Philanthropic Organization (Harvester’s) to Best Neighborhood (The West Bottoms) to Best Meteroligist (Gary Lezak) to Best Wine Merchant (Cellar Rat) to Best Hotel (Intercontinental on the Plaza) to Best Bar (The Well) , and finally…to the category we love most: Best KC Dining.

Avenues Bistro was honored to be among the top contenders for “Best Overall Restaurant” in KC. The restaurants in this pool were the amidst the top echelon of the city’s best: Cafe Trio, Avenues Bistro, The Capital Grill, Bluestem. The voters named Capital Grille as the winner. Avenues Bistro was pleased to nominated, once again, and be among these great establishments in this event. We are also pleased to say that our own Sommeliers: Matt Lees and Tim O’Neal were also nominated as “Best Sommeliers in the City!” This was O’Neal’s third year being nominated and Lees’s first.

Check out the full issue.

Matt Lees

Tim O'Neal
Tim O’Neal

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