A Very Scary Iron Sommelier

Do you have plans yet for Halloween 2011? Avenues Bistro is holding an Iron Sommelier event that is sure to be a frighteningly good time! Matthew Lees and Tim O’Neal will go head to head again on October 31st in “The Crossing of the Wine Reapers”.

The energy surrounding the upcoming Halloween Iron Sommelier is wicked.  The ‘all Italian’ inspired fare will push both Sommeliers (aka. Wine Reapers) to ‘choose wisely’ in putting forth the winning wines.Click here to see the poster, up close and personal. You are in the right place to get an exclusive sneak peek of the menu:


Scallop Salad,
Porcini Mushrooms,


Branzino, Artichoke,
Tomato and Fresh Basil


Brown Butter,
Squash & Sage Ravioli


Pork Confit, Caponata,
Crispy Eggplant


Corn Polenta French Toast,
Berries, Mascarpone

Servers will be working the floor in costumes!  Those already signed up are pondering outfits that will win one of the three bottles of wine up for grabs.

Avenues server, calligrapher and artist Ren Burton has big plans to help transform the dining room into a dining-dungeon. Cobwebs, twinkling lights, black linens, blood-red napkins and more! The beautiful sunset paintings that hang in Avenues in Brookside will be temporarily switched to some darker works by famed Saint Louis artist and poet Edward Eugene Boccia.  Although the wine director won’t be quitting his wine-gig in lieu of becoming an art critic, curator, or docent anytime soon; an appreciative desire to expose and share some of Edward’s work on this particular evening will see him transporting three pieces from his apartment to help frame the dining room.  The second upcoming blog post will highlight a youthful local artist sure to have long and prosperous career in front of her.  Tune in next week.

You should totally BOO there! These seats will sell out at a terrifyingly fast rate so click here to make reservations!


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