Amore At Avenues Bistro

Valentine’s Day can often be a  pricey and packed affair. Enjoy a relaxing, gourmet meal with your loved one at Avenues Bistro for Valentine’s Day. Our carefully crafted Valentine’s Day Menu is $49 per person. To further take the stress off, Avenues Bistro is offering a Valentine’s Eve option for ten dollars less and includes wine pairings. Those looking to save money and get rewarded with wine inspired cuisine should seriously consider Valentines Eve. Nobody, and I mean nobody, can beat this four course paired dinner priced sub-sonically low at just $39.  The wines will vary from the Brookside and Leawood locations. Call our Brookside or Leawood location to make your reservations. Below, we have the February 13th menu with suggestive Wine Pairing notes from Sommelier Timothy O’Neal at Avenues Bistro Brookside. These are wines and dishes that are sure to be love at first taste…


Burrata, Peaches, Arugula, Ice Wine Vinaigrette

Bubbles are a perfect match for the Burrata cheese and peaches.  The Peach component and sweetness from the Ice Wine call for dry bubbles to refresh the palate.  Heck, bubbles are important for celebrations like this.

Duck Confit, Sweet Corn Cake, Cran-Apple Compote

A dry French red from the Rhone or South of France will serve as the perfect foil for this dish.  Letting a wine with a scoach of earth answer to the sweetness of the corn cake and fruit compote is sure to become a complex situation when taken together.


Pork Belly Vermicelli, Pad Thai Style

The fruit and spice from a Spanish garnacha will make certain love to this.  Pork Belly was paired with a Spanish Garnacha at the last Iron Sommelier wine dinner – and won!

Shrimp, Egg Yolk Carpaccio, Crispy Potato

It’s time to get a bit dirty with the some French funky wine.  Yup, white Bordeaux with some oceanic scents will parallel the dish further amplifying flavors.


Fillet mignon, Bearnaise Sauce

Ahh, the possibilities are indeed endless.  Best believe a big ol’ red wine will do just fine!  We will wait to see what’s the hottest big red in the market place that week.

               Veal Florentine, Wild Mushroom Demi-Glaze

Sommelier Matt Lees (Who holds a 2-1 record against O’Neal in their Iron Sommelier series) responded in one second when asked what to pair with this;  Italian!  And thus, a choice Sangiovese or Super Tuscan shall meet this dish.

 New Zealand Butterfish, Champagne Burre Blanc

Ok, white wine it is!  Both locations have an assortment of off the beaten path whites sure to entertain this strait forward presentation.  Many things come to mind:  Albarino, unoaked Chardonnay, Vermentino and interesting blends.  So many to choose from!

Great Dessert Options:

Almond Pound Cake, Fresh Berries, Mascarpone

Fresh Apple Tart, Cinnamon Gelato

Cheese Plate – Comte, Pecorino & Brie



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