Wine Club Starts Out With a Bang!


The national wine trade magazine Sommelier Journal announced the wine of the year for 2012. And this time, you can get your hands on it. Your very own Avenues Wine Director Timothy O’Neal actually recommended this as a ‘Hot Pick’ in a prior Sommelier Journal issue earlier in 2012. Here’s his review:

“This wine is a true bargain, the likes of which have made Spain outrageously popular among frugal consumers. Many sommeliers have carried the Tres Picos at one time or another, but this vintage seems different in two ways: first, it’s widely available, and second, it’s the best of the past half decade or so. Ripe beyond belief with red fruit, it’s an out-of-this-New World expression, devoid of hard tannins but balanced by a beam of acidity. Even five years from now, this release will have something new to say to those who somehow manage to forget that it’s in the cellar.”

This offering is available to Avenues Club members for $16.99 per bottle or $15.99 per bottle with a case purchase. Simply email your desired order and contact phone number to and we will hold your wine. Then, just pick it when you come in for brunch, lunch or dinner. Or just come on by.

But wait, there’s more! Should you desire to follow the wine discoveries of Sommelier Timothy O’Neal, just get yourself on his exclusive list by clicking here.
*Price and availability subject to change


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